Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair in Rowlett, TX.

Torsion Spring Repair - rowlett garage doorTorsion Spring Repair in Rowlett TX

For most of you who have no idea what a torsion spring is, it is a type of steel spring mounted on your garage doors that mostly carries a tremendous amount of tension.  These coils wound up to create a torque to open and close your garage door and are responsible for carrying most of the weight of the door. When one of these breaks, it will prevent your garage door from functioning. You can contact Rowlett Garage Door and Gate when the torsion spring of your garage door is broken.    

Why Do Torsion Springs Break?

Torsion springs are usually found on a shaft above the center of your garage door. It carries a lot of weight every single day and is very prone from wearing out because of the tension it endures.  

Torsion springs usually have a life span of anywhere between 20,000 to 30,000 up and down cycles. Once they reach this limit it’s time for your torsion springs to be repaired or most of the time be replaced.

When Should I Replace my Torsion Springs?

A common sign that your torsion springs need to be repaired or replaced is broken cables. This is true if your garage door shaft system has only one torsion spring. Torsion springs typically hold cables in place. A damaged torsion spring can cause your cable to pop out or get cut.

You may also notice that there is something wrong with your torsion spring when your garage door opens up by a few inches and then stops, or it opens up incredibly slow. This can be a sign of a broken torsion spring, and that it needs repair. An easy way to test if this is caused by a broken torsion spring is by closing the door normally, pulling the emergency release rope, and attempting to open the door. If the door feels very heavy it is likely that your torsion springs are indeed broken. Call Rowlett Garage Door and Gate immediately when this happens and let our expert technicians fix it for you.

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