Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers in Rowlett, TX.

Garage Door Openers

rowlett garage door openerGarage door openers basically open garages.  If you’re looking for a replacement of your garage door opener, you should contact Rowlett Garage Door and Gate so that you can find out different kinds of options available for you now.

Chain, Belt, or Screw

Garage doors are usually being opened with a chain, like a bicycle chain, but now you have three different drive mechanisms. Chains are still very popular because they’re mechanically simple, so easy to fix and maintain, durable, and reliable.  The catch is they’re also noisy, which can be a problem if your garage is integrated into the house or near your living room and bedrooms.

Screw drives utilize a threaded metal rod to move the door. That means lesser parts are moving that is why maintenance is easier and it fails less likely. The third option is a belt drive which utilizes a notched belt instead of a chain.  This is less noisy than chains or screws but belt drive devices tend to be more expensive. Contact Rowlett Garage Door and Gate and we will help you decide what is the best garage door opener is the best for your home.

Motion Detection 

Typical garage door opening systems also turn on a light to help you see what’s happening and shuts itself off automatically after a short interval on a timer.  Smarter systems have motion detection that turn lights on when you approach. There are also a number of auto-reverse systems or door edge sensors that stop the door if it tries to come down on a car and reverses the closing motor.

Remote Lockdown and Lockout

Security options have come a long way on recent garage door openers.  Contact Rowlett Garage Door and Gate about the issues of your remote lockout which turns off the radio receiver and the garage doors simply won’t open.  Forced-entry lockdown systems are also available which securely lock the garage doors closed when the sensors detect an attempt to force the door open or any unauthorized entry.


Smartphones, Wireless, and Fingerprints

Smartphones can now be used to open your garage door using an internet connection. Your opener is now smart because it can also track and log whenever your door opens and closes or alert you when it is opened unexpectedly or has failed to close. You can also put fingerprint scanners outside of your garage so that any authorized member of your family or nominated third party can open the garage door with their fingerprints. This is a great fall back to make sure kids never get locked out.  Talk to us at Rowlett Garage Door and Gate to find out more about garage door openers. 


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